The Arizona Center for Turkish Studies (ACTS) brings together an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students from across the University of Arizona campus, visiting scholars, and partner institution students to generate scholarship on Turkish society, history, politics, economy, environment, literature, film, art, architecture and music.

Our Mission

ACTS is dedicated to broadly conceived, innovative approaches to the past and present of the peoples and cultures of contemporary Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, as well as their diasporas.

With faculty members and students from a wide range of disciplines, ACTS furnishes a unique venue for cross-fertilization through workshops, conferences, lectures, seminars, research opportunities, and visiting appointments.

ACTS represents an unprecedented recognition on the part of the University of Arizona of the importance of studying peoples and geographies of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire, confirming the university’s place at the cutting edge of Turkish Studies in the U.S. 

The rapid and dramatically changing social, political, economic, and ecological conditions of our contemporary world, and especially the region in which Turkey is located, make the existence of ACTS especially timely and crucial. ACTS is dedicated to independent, critical and diverse enquiry.