Social Work Practices for Syrian Migrant Children and Adolescents under Temporary Protection in Turkey, Esra Soğancı, Research Assistant in Social Work, Istanbul Arel University

Due to the crisis in Syria, there is an intensive immigration movement and Turkey, as both a transit and a target country, is one of the most affected countries nowadays. The General Directorate of Immigration in where Syrian immigrants have been provided with various services has been established in order to manage the immigration movement effectively. Syrian immigrants are provided with temporary protection status in Turkey in the field of health, education, employment and social assistance, services and interpreting. There are 3 million 200 thousand Syrian immigrants temporarily protected in Turkey and 1,5 million of the migrants under temporary protection are in the 0-18 age range. The fact that the number of children and adolescents under temporary protection is so high increases the importance of services provided to this age range. This study focuses on the services provided to Syrian children and adolescents who are under temporary protection. Social work and social assistance interventions are needed to raise welfare levels of disadvantaged groups. In this context, the evaluation of the adequacy and effectiveness of these studies on Syrian children under temporary protection form the prominence of this work. Interdisciplinary practices are being carried out in order to raise the general well being of Syrian immigrant children under temporary protection in Turkey, through non-governmental organizations, local governments, associations, ministries, and directorates, have been examined in detail in this study.


event date: 

Friday, January 19, 2018 - 2:00pm